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We work with some of the planet's most esteemed festivals; Glastonbury, Burning Man, Shambala, Wilderness, Noisily, Meadows In The Mountains, Secret Garden Party and many more. 

2010-Present day


On a mountaintop in Bulagria, this show is like no other festival in the world.

‘Where the land touches the sky and the sun cuddles nature’.

Site-wide Audiofeed sound.

2014-Present day

Site-wide Audiofeed systems. Quadrophonic on the Noisily Stage.

2014-Present day

Flew an Audio-Feed soundsystem to the Nevada Desert to make people dance.

2018-Present day

A spectacular immersive kingdom of music, party & wonder.

2012-Present day

That was a Serious Party... 

2017-Present day

The Hustle is a late night venue at Wilderness. We use a Martin Audio soundsystem.

2012-Present day

The Shambala Festival is a small family-friendly festival based in Northamptonshire.


It is a small diverse festival and features a variety of music, including rock, pop, folk and world music.

Glastonbury Festival

2012-Present day

Glastonbury Festival is a five-day festival of contemporary performing arts that takes place near Pilton, Somerset, England.

2016-Present day

Boutique African electronic music festival held under the stars in Kilifi town on the coast of Kenya.

2014-Present day

Renowned as the Sporting Glastonbury, Bournemouth 7s has established a formidable reputation amongst sports people and festival-goers alike.

With numerous awards under its belt, the festival now attracts over 30,000 party people and over 400 sports teams.

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